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To ensure that everyone can enjoy and participate in this forum , please follow the rules to avoid a warning or a ban. Let's work together to build a wonderful VR community! 

First and foremost, everyone is expected to follow the rules. This includes, but is not limited to the following:           

YawVr Forum Rules: 

*The Golden Rule - Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. 

*No harassment or discriminatory posts

*Do not slander, harass, or spam a discussion or individual. There will be no tolerance for hate speech. 

*Please can you use English language when leaving comments or creating posts as it saves me time from using translation software.

*No spreading of personal information of another user. 

*Do not use discriminatory or offensive languages, posts, nicknames, or profile pictures. 

*No NSFW content. 

*No political or religious topics. These are complex controversial subjects that are outside the scope of this forum. 

*No attempts to circumvent rules, blocked words, or bans. 

*No spamming, hardcore trolling, or intentionally baiting debates.  

CONTACT: // - If you need to contact the staff, you are free to do so however, even though we do our best to answer to your messages, a reply will not be guaranteed: if you need a reply, please contact us via e-mail. - If you need support, contact Support. - Please do remember that the staff moderates the conversations but is not obligated to respond outside their working hours.

Rules are subject to change and are applied at the discretion of the admin's & moderators.

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