HELP! Unable to connect to the YAWII APP

Can anyone assist with the YAW2 unit not connecting to WIFI or when you enter via Bluetooth.

My sequence of events.

1. Turn on YAW 2 unit.

2. Start Yaw VR app

3. "Error" No Network! Please connect to WIFI network first!

4. Scan with Bluetooth.

5. "Found YawII".

6. Click on device "YawII"

7. Connecting.......

8. Please enter your Wifi network credentials. (Name of router and password).

9. Added network credentials!

10. Advises "Your device is already connected to a network! If you send a new one, it will OVERWRITE the existing one!

11. Clicked on "Send WIFI Credentials" to overwrite previous.

12. "Waiting for a Valid IP..........

13. Response: Error "The device is not getting any valid IP from the gateway. Please check WIFI credentials!

14. Attempted to "Connect to device"......Error - Unable to connect!


Very grateful for any assistance, please??????

Thank you in advance.

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