Motion compensation

I fly via Steam with the Virtual Desktop and with OpenXR Runtime. My VR goggles are a Quest 3 and the roll and pitch axes work fine, but with the heading axis my chair turns but the aircraft doesn't turn with it. This means that when I fly a 180° turn, I look backwards into the cabin. If I then click on re-centre VR, my field of vision is straight ahead again until the next turn I fly.

I've tried all the settings, but nothing changes, the plane just won't turn. Do you have any idea what I can do?

Does this have something to do with the motion compensation?

I have installed all necessary drivers and made all the settings in Steam-VR but the problem is still the same. I don´t want to use the Steam-VR but the OpenXR from Virtual Desktop and if I install the driver into the Steam Folder, than I have to use Steam-VR or do I make a mistake? Pls. help.

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