New, Unhappy, Owner

Hi All,

my name is Chris & I'm from Peterborough in the UK.

I've had my Yaw VR for a couple of days now and have had a few problems. The unit struggles to move and when it does motors 1 & 2 quickly go into overheat and throttle back the power. This happens even before I load a game!

I've been in touch with the manufacturer and I am awaiting a reply. At the moment though I just have an expensive bit of machinery sat in the corner. 😕


  • I'm sorry to hear that Chris. Yaw has great customer service so you'll be fine. I hope you manage to enjoy the yawvr once it's fixed. It's a great motion platform for the home at a decent price point. This is the only simulator that can do infinity yaw spins at this price that I know of.

  • How long should it take for it to build up heat and throttle back. I just got mine and it seems to throttle back after 15 minutes. I get a thermostat on the power slider.Still tweaking. HP reverb g2 headset and MSFS on windows 10 2/5/21

  • Please contact Yaw Team if you have any issues regarding overheating at their website

    Thank you x

  • You can add more fans in the base and position them to blow air onto the motors. That will help your temperature problem. Also use counterweight on the back of the shell to take the excess weight off the motors can also reduce the temperatures. I suggest 2kg in a rucksack hanging on the headrest.

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