YawVR 1, new to Yaw, used system (with modifications in the picture)

Recently I bought a YawVR 1, Black&Black, and am in the process of figuring everything out.

Its a lot of fun, and I attached a wheel and Hotas. Neither one in the picture is the final device I want to use, so this is all quite temporary until I get it figurend out. The holders for the HOTAS are from my previous setup, and are adjustable in left/right and angle, and the throttle in tilt also.

I am using a Quest 2, hence the controller on the side on the pole, for motion compensation.

I am in Germany :)


  • That looks great well done 👍. Can you please upload photos of your wheel mount to the Yaw1 centre holder. And how do you manage to get in and out please?

  • The wheel mount is just a piece of wood 4 cm by 5 cm, screwed into the original plate holder holes, and then a piece of wood 12mm thick screwed on to to mount the wheel to with the table mount screw holes (not the clamps). You can see both pieces of wood in the picture. This is quite temporary and also gets loose after a while, so I rather not post more pictures. When I get to the final wheel and a final mount, then I can post more. Getting in and out, as I am quite tall, I can just about manage to have the wheel pass through my legs when sitting down while slowly moving backwards, so its fairly easy. But if my legs were shorter, that wouldn't work.

  • Thanks for the information. Really appreciate it. I'm 5'10" and I have mine on 11cm tall platform which unfortunately I can't get in lol. If you find a stable mount that holds the wheel base securely I'd be grateful if you can upload to DIY section on forum. Thanks

  • I am 6.2, so not that big a difference. I saw the pics of the (very nice ) platform. Maybe you can add some fold-down little steps to the Front. Fold up to get in, and then fold down during gaming so that they are out of the way?

  • Thanks for the lovely comment 😘. Lol that's a good idea 💡

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