YawVR Toolbox

YawVR Toolbox is a utility which takes place between your motion software (YawVR Game Engine or SimRacing Studio) and your seat. It will act as a "proxy" which adds several functionalities to the motion software:

  • The seat can slowly come back to the center when you're not moving in-game (aka "Washout" function). This is particularly useful when you have limited yaw, but it also useful for unlimited yaw to prevent your cables getting tangled too quickly.
  • For those having unlimited yaw, a maximum number of full turns can be defined. Depending on the chosen mode, the seat will stop turning or a vocal warning will be issued.
  • For those having limited yaw, games providing heading data can still be played, especially when the washout function is active.
  • Predefined vibrations (like laser, machine gun, buzzers) can be assigned to specific buttons on your controller even if your game doesn't support it.
  • If you encounter strong yaw drifting, you can use OpenTrack to have the seat automatically re-centered every time it physically reaches the center (see this post for details: Anti "yaw drift" utility).

Installation and setup is pretty straightforward. After launching the toolbox, first connect it to your seat. Then connect your motion software to the "toolbox" (SRS users must add a line in the config file, see the Help tab for detailed instructions).

For now it is only an alpha pre-release version. Try it and send your feedback to fresh_ch on YawVR's discord channel.


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