Positional Tracker Not Charging

Hi! I am new to Yaw VR, and have run into some issues with charging up the tracker. I do not have the usb charging port that is described in the Yaw VR documentation, instead I have the circular charging port that several other users on this forum have reported having.

When I plug in the charging cable, my tracker lights up in blue, which I assume indicates that the tracker is charging. Once I unplug it, the tracker light shuts off and the Yaw VR software is unable to connect to the tracker and says the battery is still dead. This happens no matter how long I leave the charging cable plugged in.

I am wondering if the charging cable is faulty, since the tracker seems to be lighting up but never fully charging. Is anyone aware of what the size and power input/output specs are for the charging cables, so I can try purchasing a new charging cable?

My other theory is that the tracker is no longer holding a charge, which will likely be a much harder issue to solve, and I'm hoping that the charging cable can solve it instead.


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