Back To The Future - The Ride

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Name: Back to the future - the ride

Version: 0.01a

Platform: Steamvr, Oculus Quest

Download Link: 

Steamvr -

Oculus Quest via SideQuest -




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    Thanks for creating this was pretty awesome reliving memories of that ride. Was one of my favorites growing up at Universal.

  • I'll give your feedback to Mike. I'm happy to hear that you had a good experience. I don't work for Yaw, I'm just giving my time to admin this forum for the community by the community ☺ x

  • Hi,

    I am very interested in experiencing

    Back to the Future . Are there any instructions as to the setup instructions for the quest and for .windows. I have downloaded folders but not sure as to how install it.

  • Hi Kazpet, Welcome to YawVr Forum. Yes you need to unzip the rar or zip file that you just downloaded. Then open the folder that it just created and double click the setup.bat or it might be called install (it's been ages since I installed) make sure your quest is plugged into your pc via USB.

    If you find errors with the install then you'll need to install manually via SideQuest to the quest by dragging the obb and apk files to the SideQuest top left I think.

  • Thank you. I used Side Quest to load it. It ran first time. Please thank the creator for the great work that was done to build it. It not only brings me memories of the original simulator, but also showcases the movement capabilities of the YarVr. I can’t wait to show it to my children and grandchildren

  • Any chance that MIKE will release the STAR TOUR ride to the community. THe youtube video of the ride looks great!

  • You're welcome and Mike has said that he will be releasing to the yawvr community so stay tuned as it's coming soon ☺

  • I can’t wait. Very excited. Thank you

  • Man this is awesome, would like to know where I can get many more ride experience like these. I would like to become some kind of patreon or something to support mike.

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    @NAE3D2000 Welcome to YawVr forum. You can ask @MESAMARSHALL (MIKE) in the discord channel. I love bttf too

  • hello i play it already thank u so much for making this. its very fantastic and very good more than many game

    but i saw in folder have STARTOUR clip and folder too but when i start it . it bring me to back to the future

    u just make back to the future app ready to play only i think right?

    sorry for my bad english

  • @cdigolfy I will ask the developer and I'll get back to you.

  • A huuuuge thanks to Mike and @VRBabe14 I put this on my quest hopped in my YAW and was all grins! It was so amazing and the feel was so authentic!

  • @cdigolfy I've asked the developer MIKE and his response is here :

    "Hey! Thanks again for relaying this to me. Yes, I did accidentally leave in the media for Star Tours. This is because I designed the app to eventually contain all the motion profiles I create and since there is a version of star tours that is technically in there, the media is also there. However, this profile is not ready to be ridden quite yet"

    So we shall see more rides in the future ☺

  • @sideswipe101 That's lovely to hear hehe I had the giggles during and after my experience. It's a great video to demo the yawvr. I've sent a screenshot of your comment to the developer to show your gratitude. Thank you x

  • Is there any update as to when star tours will be available?

  • @Kazpet I'll ask the developer if any update

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  • I'm still awaiting response from Mike. Soon as I've received an answer I'll update you here.

  • Update: "star tours is still on the back burner"

  • please get him to do it soon for my Christmas Present :)

  • it would be a dream come true, i grew up next to Disneyland and now i live a thousand miles away and i want to show my kids :)

  • sounds great! Will this work on the HP Reverb2?

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    @manxman5000 Yes as the g2 works with steamvr. You need to download the steam version of bttf and download hp reverb g2 in steam too it's called Windows Mixed Reality.

  • Hello, where can I download Star Tours for the Yaw? I can't find it anywhere.

  • This is amazing! Any chance Mike can provide a basic tutorial on how he was able to produce the motion profiles?

    I tried searching online but was not able to find anything on how to sync up the yaw's motion to a video clip.

    Would love to learn and try my hand at replicating some disney rides as well.

    Thank you!

  • I'll ask him for you. I have been told that SRS (Sim Racing Studio) will be adding 4d motion player/recorder soon. It'll work for yaw1 and yaw2.

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