Installing the Cooling Monitoring Solution

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Hi all,

Here's some images I made during the installation of the Cooling Monitoring Solution. Fyi: This is an older Yawvr Pro so your unit might look a bit different.


  • hello.

    I have a question. In the sensors haven't any mark to know where is the correct position on it. I've senn that those end in three colors differents but they don't have nothing to refer.... Does It undifferentiated? I hope so...because it installed and closed the shell again.


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  • Mine came with no codes on the thermal sensors also. I dipped them one by one into a cup of hot water, hoping I could see if it slowed a motor in test mode. Each one seemed to slow all three motors when heated. When running the app in diagnostic mode, motor temperatures are displayed. I found that each display would respond to the hot water trick and I installed the sensors on the motors by guessing/hoping that the motors are presented in order 1-2-3 from left to right in the app display. Also, the new fan runs all the time since it's connected only to power - no sensors. Its quite loud in a quiet room but that won't matter in gaming. That's all I've noticed so far. I hope to reassemble it tonight.

  • Sorry for the late response, I don't check here too often and there is no email notification on new messages in a thread.

    The answer is: Yes, mine came with some paper tape numbered I, II, III.

    ut if you don't have those, it is rather easy to find out which is which by attaching the sensors to the PCB where it belongs, turn on everything and check in the mobile app under the DIAG tab to see the temps. Heat each one with your hand or breath to identify which one is which.

  • Any idea if a 120mm fan would fit instead? Would move same amount of air but would be quieter.

  • You could use a usb powered fan and plug it into the rspi or even a power bank with a switch.

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