New owner and happy one.

Bonjour à tous.

Je suis l'heureux propriétaire d'un Yaw et je commence à me débrouiller malgré que mon casque Vr soit un Oculus Quest. J'ai réussi à voyager dans Dirt Rally 2 et WOW, la sensation est incroyable. La procédure à suivre n'est pas tout à fait correcte dans l'application, mais avec certains correctifs j'ai réussi. Je souhaite évidemment une solution pour Openvr Motion Cancellation pour les casques Rift ou Quest.

Heureux de faire partie de la famille.

I am the proud owner of a Yaw and am starting to cope despite my VR headset being an Oculus Quest. I managed to travel in Dirt Rally 2 and WOW, the feeling is amazing. The procedure is not quite correct in the application, but with some fixes I have succeeded. I obviously want a solution for Openvr Motion Cancellation for Rift or Quest headsets.

Happy to be part of the family.


  • Bienvenue dans la famille yawvr ☺

    Welcome to the yawvr family

  • I just ordered my Yaw VR a few days ago so I'll get it in early January. I'll be using a Rift S and paying mostly MSFS 2020 so I'm hoping the motion cancellation won't be an issue. Congrats on your new toy - I'm waiting impatiently!

  • @itsmehigh Motion Compensation/cancellation is not available for the Rift S or any Oculus devices. From what I've been able to find, there are only 2 motion compensation solutions right now:

    If you look at the OpenVR Motion Compensation tested devices, it lists Rift S as working with a caveat: rotations don't really work. YawVR only does rotations. Apparently the software might work for translations (surge/heave/sway) but those aren't things the YawVR can do.

    I would also like to play MSFS 2020 in VR on the YawVR. I'm considering buying a VR system that uses lighthouse tracking (Valve Index or Vive). From what I've been able to glean online, that is about the only way you can do decent motion compensation. I'd love to hear from some users who have that setup about what the pros/cons are before I invest another $1k+ to try it out.

  • Understand that I'm speaking as someone who knows next to nothing about motion compensation, so I apologize if my questions sound stupid. Lol

    Can I limit the rotation of the yaw vr itself as I would use mostly pitch and roll flying GA aircraft ? - I don't need to spin around. I may upgrade my VR headset eventually, but my Rift S is less than a year old. My budget isn't really allowing for another headset in my near future after the Yaw VR purchase!

  • Yes you can in yawvr config app. I suggest 12-15° yaw with limited ticked. That way if you're playing car games you'll feel it slip etc. Also SRS will be adding "wheel slip and lock effects"

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    @itsmehigh as VRBabe14 said, you certainly can limit how much it moves. If you limit it enough, your brain might be able to do the motion compensation for you :-) It's hard to visualize the problem without ever seeing it for yourself. I've noticed that most users of the YawVR seem to be new to motion simulators (as am I). However, since purchasing YawVR I've learned that it is not the only commercial motion simulator out there, and it only has 3 degrees of freedom (yaw/pitch/roll). Some other sims have 6 degrees of freedom (yaw/pitch/roll/surge/heave/sway). The problem of motion compensation is present for all of them, and users of other motion simulators have been searching for solutions too.

    It seems that if you want to use a motion simulator, you really need an HTC Vive or Valve Index. The Pimax headset seems to work somewhat, but my reading has given me the sense it's not as good. The HP Reverb and other WMR HMDs may work somewhat, but it looks like inside-out tracking w/ forward and sideways cameras is a little problematic for motion compensation due to where you have to place the reference controller. There is no solution for Oculus devices. So, if they haven't shipped your YawVR yet, you might consider canceling your order before you have to pay for shipping to return it.

    I didn't figure this out until I was past the return period, or honestly I would have returned mine. I love the idea of it, but it seems there are some technical hurdles that still need to be worked out, and it doesn't look promising for Oculus devices. Even so, you can have fun with it without motion compensation, you just have to realize it's not really going to live up to expectations.

  • Thank you for your honest opinion and sharing your experience. I'm not sure if it's the right call, but I'm going to get the YawVR anyway so I can see for myself. I may break down and buy a new headset in the new year if that's what it takes...don't tell my wife! I'm really hoping it will work for what I want it for.

  • That's cool, if you do get motion compensation working with the Vive or Index can you please post back here and share your honest impressions? I'd love to know how you think it works!

  • I am going to post my experience, good or bad, as honestly as I can. We all have different needs and expectations from a motion simulator, but I'm confident I can make it work for flying GA aircraft. Hopefully this is something that is addressed in the next generation of headsets. I can't wait to start playing with it so I get a real understanding of the issue.

  • Bonjour à tous encore...

    Personnellement, avec mon casque Oculus Quest, branché à l'ordinateur comme un casque Rift, j'ai contourné le problème du Motion Compensation en plaçant tout simplement le contrôle yaw sur la limite inférieure, soit 0.

    Le résultat est plus que satisfaisant, avec Dirt Rally 2 ainsi qu'avec Xplane 11. Lorsque j'ai mon casque vr sur la tête, les mouvements de roll et pitch sont nettement suffisants pour créer une immersion convaincante. De plus, il est plus facile d'éviter l'encombrement des fils qui s'enroulent autour de la plateforme. Alors il me fera plaisir #itsmehight de vous aider dans la configuration de votre nouvelle plateforme si vous le désirez.

    Hello everyone again ...
    Personally, with my Oculus Quest headset, plugged into the computer like a Rift headset, 
    I got around the Motion Compensation problem by simply placing the yaw control on the lower limit, which is 0.
    The result is more than satisfactory, with Dirt Rally 2 as well as with Xplane 11.
     When I have my vr helmet on my head, the roll and pitch movements are clearly sufficient to create a convincing immersion. 
    In addition, it is easier to avoid the clutter of the wires that wind around the platform. 
    So it will be my pleasure #itsmehight to help you in the configuration of your new platform if you wish.

  • Thanks for that. That was my thought too - limit the yaw movement. Pitch and roll should be enough for flying. Do you get vibration from the wheels on the ground or movement from turbulence as well? I think it's going to work for what I want.

    I'd love some help with the platform - I thought I might as well do it before the Yaw arrives if I can. I can't find the measurements for the irregular shaped base so I know how big to make it.

  • Ça été un peu difficile d'ajuster le Yaw au début. Étant francophone, j'éprouve beaucoup de difficulté à bien comprendre les tutoriels ou encore les discussions sur Discord. Alors j'ai procédé par essaie erreur. Les traductions Google ne sont pas toujours précises, et certains termes sont mal traduits.

    j'ai réussi à avoir une vibration proportionnelle au son du moteur de mon Cessna 172. Wow, très agréable. Une fois j'ai été surpris par la vibration des roues sur le sol lors d'un atterrissage. En tentant de modifier les paramètres pour avoir la vibration du moteur, j'ai perdu celle des vais continuer mes expériences. Pour les turbulences, euh! je préfère voler sans vent pour le moment, je suis novice pour les jeux, les vols d'avion et tout le reste, alors je me donne une petite chance. Si j'ai bien compris votre demande, vous aimeriez avoir les dimensions pour une plateforme afin d'élever votre Yaw? Personnellement mon Yaw est directement au sol et je n'ai pas de problème, le repose pieds ne frappe jamais le sol. J'ai limité le pitch pour éviter cela. D'ailleurs si le Yaw va trop vers l'avant, l'arrière, ou de côté les roues d'entrainement peuvent glisser à cause du poids trop décentré et le retour en position centrale en est affectée.

    ce que je peux vous dire c'est que la coupole fait 32 pouces de diamètre. Les trois pointes de la bases sont exactement en dessous de la coupole, donc peuvent reposer sur un cercle de 32 pouces. Chaque pointe mesure 6.5 pouces de large. Une légère courbe relie les coins de chaque pointe avec un rayon d'environ 1 pouce.

    Espérant que ce soit utile...

     It was a bit difficult to adjust the Yaw at first. Being a French speaker, I find it very difficult to fully understand the tutorials 
    or the discussions on Discord. So I tried by mistake. Google translations are not always accurate, and some terms are poorly translated.
    I managed to have a vibration proportional to the sound of the engine of my Cessna 172. Wow, very nice. Once I was surprised by the
     vibration of the wheels on the ground during a landing. While trying to modify the parameters to have the vibration of the motor, 
    I lost that of the wheels .... I will continue my experiments.
     For turbulence, uh! i prefer to fly without wind at the moment, i'm new to games, plane flights and everything, so i'm giving myself 
    a little chance. If I understood your request correctly, you would like to have the dimensions for a platform to raise your Yaw? 
    Personally my Yaw is directly on the ground and I have no problem,
     the footrest never hits the ground. I limited the pitch to avoid this. Moreover, if the Yaw goes too far forwards, backwards, 
    or to the side, the training wheels can slip because of the weight that is too off-center and the return to the central position is affected.
    what I can tell you is that the dome is 32 inches in diameter. The three points of the base are exactly below the dome,
     so can rest on a 32 inch circle. Each tip measures 6.5 inches wide. A slight curve connects the corners of each tip with 
    a radius of about 1 inch.
    Hope this is useful ...

  • Thank you, that is helpful. I can't wait until mine arrives so I can start experimenting.

  • I am interested in getting one and wonder if it could be able to play without the VR mask??

  • Yes but very limited. I was able to get back to the future the ride experience working in steamvr without using VR headset (connected to 1080p projector) and my yaw1 worked amazingly. But there are vr games that will split the screen into two as those were built for vr only. You can play non vr games with the simulator.

  • I am in Canada and wonder if the cost would be phenomenal for shipping?

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    You can find out the shipping cost on yawvr store website

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