Flickering green LED on tracker

First, I'm completely new to Yaw VR, I just got it today :) I haven't really tested it a lot, just the test ride in the Yaw VR app (android).

Anyway, I was just wondering if its normal that the green LED flickers? It's not blinking, unless you consider it blinking really fast.

First time I turned it on, it turned red pretty quickly so I had to charge it. While charging the LED was blue, then after a while it turned white and I assumed it meant it was finished? (I haven't found any info about this). Then I turned it on (Base + tracker), and it turns flickering green after a short while. It's working at least, it is tracking the thing. It only flickers while green, not the other colors.

Btw, how long does the tracker battery last?


  • It's not really blinking fast btw, it is flickering. Just thought I'd make a video of it, finally. I haven't been able to really use the yaw VR yet. After the initial couple of days (failing to get it to work), I've been busy with other things, but now I'm at it again.

    The flicker looks wrong to me, but as said, the tracker works. At least apparently, from my few tests with the yaw VR app and test / manual control mode etc. But I'm not sure about the "resolution" (of the movements), maybe it's because I haven't tried it at 100% power yet. But I don't have anything to compare with, so I'm not sure if it works as intended or not, yet.

    Btw if anyone wants to know, that toggle lock thing for the "central holder" (above the tracker's on/off button), is a 3D printed mechanism. Found here (not my design):

  • @scifihiki First of all the led flickering is normal as power is going into the device, its just fluctuation in voltage. Keep an eye on it anyway and if it causes any problems then please contact Yaw Team.

    Secondly that 3d printed Yaw vr center mount hold down clip/toggle was designed by @VirtualmisterL he's part of the yawvr family and helped yaw1 become reality (kickstarter backer). You'll find lots of backers in the discord channel helping others.

    I hope you're enjoying the Yaw1.

  • Ok, I just thought it looked a bit odd with the flicker. Maybe it's indicating tracking communication? It works in the config app on android and PC.

    I haven't tried a lot to get it to work with a real PC VR game yet (I've tried some ofc, just no luck so far).

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